The H.O.U.N.D.S. online Dog Game

The Hurt, Outcast, Unwanted, Neglected, Downtrodden, and Saved

Should the Pit Bull be considered a breed in the game?

Is the Pit Bull a breed of dog? Is it a targeted media stereotype?

As a pro-education game, this debate is something TheHounds has to consider. We would greatly appreciate it if you would answer a few yes or no questions, and if you have time, there are a couple of optional written questions to expand on.

Please forward this around to any friends or groups you feel may benefit the survey. The more information we collect, the better we can design the game.

The survey should be anonymous.

Click here to take the survey

Puppy Kisses to all,

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Email has been down

I sincerely apologize to anyone who has tried to email me, and enter the contests. I did not realize when I purchased hosting for the game at DailyRazor that it would mess up the email hosting at GoDaddy.

The email accounts have been down for about two months now, I was wondering why it was so quiet LOL. I have contacted DailyRazor to hopefully get this all sorted out.

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Chugging… Chugging…

We are well on our way! Some of you who follow us on Face Book may have seen the hills we had to travel to find a programmer, but we are good to go and back on our feet!

Which reminds me, please make sure you are following us on Face Book, because only our Face Book Friends will be given free access to test the site when it’s up. Once the game starts, Face Book friends will also be given game perks, and we will be having events on Face Book.

While we figure out all the Programing stuff, the domain may be down, if you find that it is, and you still want to see any changes we made to the layout, and you just want to drool, you can visit us here We recently bought separate hosting for the game so that we shouldn’t have any hosting problems. Right now we’re just going through house cleaning and a move to a different server so we can get the programing started.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and continued interest in the game, and I’d like to thank my Programmer and the gaming community for putting up with my Newb self LOL!

Keep those tails wagging,
Jacqueline Ferrigno, the Head Pit.

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We have $$$$!!!

Oh I am so excited to tell you guys that thanks to everyone’s support, we have the money we need to get this game fully programed!

Still a little undecided on who’s going to be the programmer, but that’s alright. We will update you guys with more information as we get it.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any changes with the layout. I may change it to a basic front page while we work on the game.

Everyone who is a fan of our Face Book Page will be getting a free testing account once the game is up.

Keep on Dreaming,
Jacqueline Ferrigno, the Head Pit.

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Donation Site Is Down

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know the donation site is down again. I do not know why, it was working when I fixed it. So looking into it once AGAIN lol. Gonna look into it tonight and see what’s up.

*EDIT* I have no idea what is going on, if you view the page from the donation link does not work, but if you view the page from the link works. Still looking into this for you guys.

Keep on Barking! ❤

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The 2012 Hero Dog Awards!

With the negative media attention out there on Bully Breeds, it’s not often that you see them as service and therapy animals. Traveling with a Bully Breed makes it quite difficult due to the Breed Specific Legislations out there, and of course those laws only help to encourage breedisim (discrimination based on a dogs breed) amongst our community.

And those that have been following the news this year so far, may have heard about a couple of Bully Breeds being shot by police on different occasions. These were family dogs, which were put down due to improperly trained police officers.

So not only do we have BSL targeting our breeds, we have the media, mistaken identity, and ill-equipped law enforcement to face while traveling with our dogs. As a result, Bully Breeds are not a favorable breed of choice when it comes to selecting for service animals.

That judgment isn’t based on the breeds themselves, it’s based on what people think they “know” through knowledge gained via negative resources. When in truth, the Bully Breeds are just as capable of being a service animal as any other breed. As anyone who has worked with service animals will tell you, they assess animals on a dog to dog basis.

So lets get away from that negative drama, and get back on track with the 2012 Hero Dog Awards!

The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards
The American Humane Association has hosted this award ceremony since 2010 to honor the powerful relationship between dogs and the people they help. They divided the categories up into 8 different sections, based on what you dog does (law enforcement, service, therapy, military, guide, search and rescue, hearing, and emerging heroes).

The Public gets to vote! You can vote for more then one dog, but you can only vote once a day. Voting ends June 30th and winners of the Hero Dog Awards will be invited to the Beverly Hilton Hotel on October 6th for their awards! In previous years the American Humane Association Judges were a number of celebrities and animal activists such as: Victoria Stilwell (It’s Me of the Dog), Christie Brooke (Actress), Travis Brorsen (Actor), and of course Betty White (god how I love her!)

This years Judges include beloved Whoopi Goldberg (don’t think she needs introducing LOL), country singer Miranda Lambert, actress Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked and Glee), and…omg *has a Trueblood Spasim* It’s Kristin Baure Van Straten who plays Pam on Trueblood. There are several more judges, including the finalists from 2011 will  be judging as well.

So I’ve kept you guys waiting long enough…

Here are the 2012 Hero Dogs who are Bully Breeds
So them your support by voting every day please!

Service Dogs
Peppermint Patty
Lugnut Nelson

Therapy Dogs
Blitz Law

Emerging Heroes
Lil Moe
Johnny John Bear

I wish there were more Bully Breeds, but us bull lovers will take what we can get LOL. Remember, you can vote once a day until June 30th! Lets show our support for those who stand along side us!

Your Tail Wagging,
Head Pit, Jacqueline Ferrigno


Welcome to The Sweet Pit

The Sweet Pit is a Bakery and Café at The Hounds where you can buy sweet treats for you and your dog. Next to the door I will have the owner standing with her dog Cara (pictured in the logo), greeting you to come into her bakery. The way I will have it programed, is that every once in a while the owner of the bakery will be standing out front with Cara and another foster dog inquiring if you would like to be the new owner.

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The Genetics Behind the Game

So anyone who knows me, will tell you I’m infatuated with genetics, and understanding why animals are the color they are. While it’s not always looked positively upon, due to mass breeding, I love coming up with new genetic combinations and seeing what colors will occur. Needless to say, I just can’t have a animal game without genetics! LOL

These are just some of the genes which are responsible for your dogs color, and they can be seen in The Hounds. When paired together they are responsible for thousands upon thousands of colors.

This is a screen capture from the current game. There will be a few places in the game where you can create a dog, as soon as you join is one of them. This is the design for your basic starter dog. As a new player you are allowed one free starter dog, and you get to choose the color as well as two special genes you would like your dog to have. When you click on the update button, the image above it will update to reflect your color selections.

From time to time I will post more updates on the genetics behind the game, and how they will interact with the game art work. So keep posted!

Keep on Barking,
The Head Pit, Jacqueline Ferrigno

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Barking at ya!

We have our Programmer!
Just some quick updates. First and most importantly, we have found a great Programmer to help with the game development! I can’t express to you how excited we are knowing that. The first things that will be programed into the game will be a log in screen, so you can start making accounts, and a forums built into the game, so they will be tied to your account name. I’m not expecting the game to be up and running any time soon, but at least this will allow you to create accounts at lower numbers, and easily follow game updates and see our progress.

Link back to us!
Secondly, we have a banner for our game. If you would like to use it to link to us, to show your love, or even do some friendly promotion, please use this to do so:

This is 150 x 600 pixels, hopefully we will have more banners and buttons for you soon so you can link to us in different styles.

Sneak Peak at some Art!

In The Hounds you will be able to explore the website as if it’s a “city” or “town”. And you will be able to find stray dogs to care for. Some may be barely a month old, some may be just under a year, and some may even be adult aged dogs. This is a baby Pitbull puppy that you will happen to find “thrown away” in some garbage, no mother or siblings in sight. You’d have two choices, one would be to take the dog in as your own, or the other would be to send it to the Houndsville No-Kill Shelter if you do not have space for it.

New Layout!

Hoping this will be the new layout for the game. The two side panels expand as things are added to them. And the little Red and White Pit on the right will give you important news when you mouse over her. Hopefully she’ll have some good news for you soon!

Don’t Forget the Character Contest!
The Character Contest is still going on! So if you would like to see your dog, or your dogs story become the inspiration for part of the game, please contact us by following the link above, or using the side panel at your right to navigate.

Our Current Winners!
Super Sadie, the American Pit Bull Terrier
Lilly, the American Pit Bull Terrier/Dalmatian Cross
Isa, the German Shepard
Lexux, the American Pit Bull Terrier

Keep those tails wagging guys! I hope to have some more updates for you soon!

Puppy Kisses,
The Head Pit, Jacqueline Ferrigno

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Our new Look!

If you come to this blog by means of instead of, in the next day the webpage that  takes you to should look something like this:


In the mean time if you do not see it, you can go to and explore for yourself. Once it changes to this page, will no longer take you directly to the blog. Instead, explore the water on top of the page, there are three balls floating around in there. The one with a white “W” is the wordpress blog, the one with the white “F” is for facebook. And Twitter live-feeds to the right hand side of the page.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be following this blog however! We will be advertising special items, as well as holding special contests only on the blog for our watchers.

The webpage is till a work in progress, and will continue to be the face of our organization until the game is designed. Below are some of the features which will be installed into the webpage:

The Little Red Nose Pit will bring you special and urgent messages on occasion. Be it a special sale going on, or a dog that desperately needs your attention.

The 7 Tabs on the right are titled “About the Game”, “Get Social”, “Pack Mates”, “Updates”, “Features”, “Contests”, and “Donate”. Currently the two that are up is Contests and Donate.

Get Social is where you will find all our fan links, from the art gallery on Deviant Art, to the Blog. When we install some forums, it will also be part of that.

Our Pack Mates are people and organizations who support us. We are proud to call them our extended family.

The Feature section I think will be the most fun, here you will get the inside scoop of what is going on in the games development. See some guarded secretes of what fun things we have for you, and maybe even get to participate in some important decision making.

The Contest section will have links to both contests going on in the blog as well as the game itself. Currently we have two, so why don’t you stop on in and check them out.

As always this site needs Donations to get up and running. Once we kick off, there will be no stopping us, and I truly believe we will be able to make a great difference in the lives of people as well as their dogs.

Alright well now that you have a brief break down of what to expect, please stop on by and let us know what you think. The contact forum is down at the moment, but you can always contact us here. Got to run now, but keep those tails wagging, and I hope you’re drool with anticipation!

Happy tails to you,
The Head Pit

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